Piercing Sytems and Prices

We are a fully disposable studio, meaning we pierce only with either the disposable cartridge piercing system or disposable needle. We don't use piercing guns since they cannot be sterilized or disposed of and can cause more trauma to the ear than necessary. We only pierce with our own earrings due to our sterile environment. The price depends on what piercing system you use, metal, size, and stones. Please see below for the prices ranges of both options!

Option 1

Cartridge Piercing

For the Cartridge Piercing System the earrings come in a prepackaged, sterilized, disposable cartridge which is use to do the piercing. The piercing itself takes only a few seconds and we pierce one ear at a time. For ages 4 and up, as long as the child can confirm them will remain still for the piercings, we can pierce both ears simultaneously.

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Option 2

Needle Piercing

For the Needle Piercings you get pierced with a disposable catheter needle, the needle goes through and we then remove the needle leaving the plastic catheter in the ear and place the earring you choose in and remove the catheter and the earrings stay in. These earrings are either flatback studs or seamless hoops. The piercings take about a minute per ear and can only be done one at a time. When piercing with a flatback we would need to choose a longer post to account for any swelling, but once the piercing has healed enough you can come back and we can downsize the post if you would like.

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