Earring Options For Piercing

We are a fully disposable studio, meaning we pierce only with either the disposable cartridge piercing system or disposable needle. We don't use piercing guns since they cannot be sterilized or disposed of and can cause more trauma to the ear than necessary. We only pierce with our own earrings due to our sterile environment. Please see below for the various earring options to chose from!

Cartridge Earring Options

These earrings come pre-packaged and sterile inside the disposable cartridge used to pierce. These Earrings have regular style butterfly backings that lock in tighter than everyday earrings but are meant to pop off if pulled with enough force to damage the ear.

Prices differ depending on the metal of the earrings and the stones. Prices range from $145-$475 for a pair of 14k gold earrings to be pierced and $95 for a pair of Stainless steel. For a single piercing prices range form $95-$200 for 14k gold and $55 for stainless steel

Needle Earring Options

These earrings are pierced with a disposable needle and are either threadless Flatbacks or Seamless Hoops. These earrings are sold as single and range in price depending on the metal, size, and design. These prices include piercing cost and the earring cost all together!

These earrings are also sold via the website for those who would like to purchase a flatback or seamless hoop for piercings they already have but please keep in mind we cannot pierce with an earring bought via the website and brought to an appointment since it is no longer sterile. If you see a particular earring you'd like just let us know at your appointment!