About Us!

We have been safely piercing ears since 2005. Exceptional customer service by trained and certified professionals. We are a fully disposable ear piercing studio and earring boutique. We do not reuse piercing tools, needles, or jewelry, which we believe is the safest way to operate a piercing studio for us and our clients. Most piercing studios reprocess their tools by soaking them in a chemical that removes proteins, running them through a cleaning machine, hand scrubbing, rinsing, drying, and then re-sterilizing them to use on the next person. While there is nothing wrong with re-processing tools if done properly, being fully disposable drastically reduces the risk of cross-contamination and reduces the use of electricity, PPE, chemicals, and water that is involved with reprocessing tools. We provide two different methods of piercing: needle piercing, which is preferred by the Association of Professional Piercers, and cartridge piercing, which is preferred by the American Medical Association. Both options are safe.

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