What should I do to prepare myself or my child for piercing?

It’s advised that you get plenty of sleep the night before your piercing appointment and eat a small meal at least six hours before being pierced. Not eating lowers your blood sugar and thins your blood so that you will bleed more than usual. Not to mention, low blood sugar might cause you to pass out more easily!

For adults, don’t drink the day of your piercing or the night before getting a piercing. Even if you don’t drink enough to get hungover, alcohol can make your blood nutrient deficient, meaning that the piercing will take longer to heal. Do not drink a bunch of caffeine or energy drinks before coming in! It will thin your blood and make it harder to sit still. Medication: Pain relievers/ swelling reducers are best saved for after the piercing.

If your child is getting pierced, let them know it’s a wonderful experience. Without numbing, it’s a small pinch. We can pierce them simultaneously and even numb their ears if their pediatrician approves the lidocaine. If they want to bring a friend, be sure to bring a friend that will motivate them, not scare them. You can also show them videos on our social media to show them how easy the process is.

If a baby is getting pierced, ensure they are fed and have a clean diaper. Remember that they feed off your energy, so the more calm you are, the better your experience will be for everyone!

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