How long do I need to keep the earrings in for?

How long you need to keep the earrings you were pierced with prior to swapping to a new earring depends on where you were pierced. It usually takes about 2 years of wearing earrings consistently before your piercing is permanent. 

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How long before you can change them?

The earrings you pierce with have to stay in for a minimum of two months for piercings on the ear lobe or 6 months for cartilage piercings before you can change to a new earring, around the two month mark when removed you have about a minute before the earrings will completely close when left with nothing in them.

How long before the piercing is permanent?

You need earrings in 24/7 for 2 years before you can be without earrings, prior to this point when removed the piercings will start closing up over time and the closer you are to the piercing date the less time it takes to close.

What if you need to remove them?

If you have to remove the earring for a prolonged period or time for something such as sports, photos, interviews, surgeries, x-rays, etc. there are plastic retainer earrings you can put in as placeholder to ensure the piercing does not close, though we still recommend waiting till the 2 month mark before attempting this.