Can you re-pierce with the same earring/our own earring?

No, we can only pierce with our earrings since they come prepackaged and sterilized for piercing, and we cannot guarantee the purity of the metal of outside earrings.

We cannot re-pierce with the old earring for re-piercing since we are a disposable studio, so you would need to get a new one. We are a disposable studio, and the earrings come in prepackaged disposable cartridges, which are used to pierce and thrown out after use. The old earring is no longer sterile, so re-pierce with it could cause an infection. 

We do have two options for re-piercing: we can either re-pierce with a single matching earring of the one she already has, or we can re-pierce with a new earring and swap out the second earring to match. With either option, you would get 10% off the total purchase for being a returning customer.

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